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Artus™ - Hybrid low energy fan coil unit

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The problem with existing ceiling based systems are that they are not supplied as the full package, they are energy hungry, bulky, and inflexible. There's no integration with the ceiling membrane, units are problematic to install, comission and maintain, and they provide more noise and draughts than thermal comfort.

Why do we put up with products that don't work properly?

A smarter, smaller approach to air conditioning

After years of designing air conditioning units, we knew there had to be a better way.
In partnership with Arup, Artus™ was born - A hybrid low energy fan coil that combines the flexibility of a fan coil unit with the low energy consumption of a chilled beam. Addressing current ceiling based AC challenges; it saves energy, saves money and saves space.

Artus™ Hybrid Fan Coil 1.9kW - 2.4kW

A fully-packaged, plug-and-play, single-supplier system

Artus™ offers a fully-packaged, plug-and-play, single-supplier system and a host of benefits. These include self-access, reduced ceiling clutter and minimised ceiling void heights. As the unit is fully-packaged, there is no need for the specification of ancillary controls, valves, diffusers or spigots. The packaged system, sourced from one supplier, is of enormous benefit to installers, reducing cost and significantly increasing the speed of commissioning. It is perfect for cost-sensitive new-builds, height constrained refurbishments and energy conscious end-users.

Where form meets function, in perfect synergy.


From modern to minimalist, classic to contemporary or rustic to retro,the simple, elegant design of Artus™ will suit the ambience of any


At only 200mm deep, Artus™ is perfect for offices, hotels and apartments where space is at a premium.
Its compact size makes it ideal for retrofitting older buildings with constrained storey heights which struggle to accommodate conventional systems.

Perfect, even cooling

A swirl pattern distributes air in all directions,providing complete coverage and excellent
thermal comfort with low noise.Air flows from the tips of the fan blades in a swirl pattern, providing complete coverage, eliminating draughts

Costs less to run

Artus™ supplies the same cooling load with dramatically lower energy consumption than alternative systems.

Better for the environment

Less energy used, lower CO₂ emissions. Artus™ uses just 1/3 of the fan energy of a typical fan coil unit (0.08 watts / litre / second).

Complete control

Artus™ provides fully integrated “plug and play” set up, so no configuration is required. This results in faster, more straightforward installation, in turn saving cost.

Fast, simple installation

Artus™ is delivered to site as a packaged “plug and play” unit and requires no secondary ductwork, speeding up installation and commissioning

Hassle-free maintenance

With easy “self-access” from below, Artus™ requires no access panels for maintenance, all serviceable components can be reached from below

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