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ACIS™ (Airedale Controls Integrated Systems) Building Management System

ACIS™ (Airedale Controls Integrated Systems) provides a scalable, future proof building management system that operates and optimises a wide range of building services across multiple platforms and protocols. ACIS™ provides a simple and intuitive interface that facilitates a wide range of monitoring, reporting and diagnostic tools putting the customer in complete control.

ACIS™ Building Management System (BMS Controls)

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Airedale provides an extensive range of BMS control solutions that deliver intelligent component optimisation for existing plant as well as a variety of upgrades designed to reduce lifecycle costs. Specialists in building management systems, Airedale through our innovative and scalable solution ACIS™ provide a comprehensive range of solutions that operate and optimise a wide range of building services across multiple platforms and protocols. ACIS™ enables remote monitoring, system integration and extensive analysis, reporting and diagnostic capabilities.

We apply the latest technology led by ACIS™ smart control logic to ensure our air conditioning products offer you the highest efficiency, resilience and quality.

First and foremost, they are designed to be stand-alone, but when integrated, they share intelligence and further reduce energy usage through combined efficiencies, delivering industry leading EER and ESEER figures and aiding significantly reduced PUE figures.

Our breadth of expertise enables us to engineer innovative, integrated cooling solutions across commercial and public sectors – in data centres and other critical environments; industrial process cooling or comfort cooling in retail, leisure and office applications. We are leaders in precision air conditioning, air conditioning chillers and control technology and see integration as core to our design philosophy.