HVAC Controls

HVAC Controls

As the leading UK manufacturer of Precision Air Conditioning and Chillers, Airedale is able to leverage this knowledge, combined with a wealth of experience in building services controls, to deliver solutions that will improve the operation of HVAC systems.

With particular experience in data centres, retail and chilled water applications, improvements can be retrofitted or built in to new projects. Our use of open and standard IoT protocols mean ACIS HVAC Controls can implemented on third party HVAC systems, not just Airedale equipment.

Benefits of an ACIS HVAC Controls solution from Airedale include better reporting, improved monitoring, reduced energy use, increased reliability and the ability to perform predictive rather than reactive maintenance.

Examples of ACIS HVAC Controls solutions:

  • System integration, one point of monitoring / control
  • Chiller sequencing to match system loads
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Dynamic set point adjustment
  • Advanced temperature / humidity control
  • Environmental control including air quality, CO2 levels, fresh air intake, exhaust systems
  • Integration with VESDA and fire suppression
  • Power distribution monitoring and energy calculations (eg PUE)
  • Individual rack power monitoring for tenant billing
  • Pump management
  • Boiler sequencing & optimisation
  • AHU controls
  • Multiple site management
  • Load shedding
  • Alarm management

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