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The European Code of Conduct for Data Centres

Data Centre EU Code of Conduct Endorser

We pride ourselves on delivering data centre systems that increase the efficiency and economy of your facility and are committed to minimising the impact of our manufacturing operations on the environment.

Airedale systems are some of the most productive and efficient systems available, cutting energy costs and running at optimum efficiency without compromising performance. We’ve developed features within our units that enable operators to make their data centres work more efficiently, cutting energy consumption, maximising operational performance and minimising service costs.

The environment and a commitment to environmental responsibility is an ever increasingly important concern for all stakeholders. With this in mind, Airedale is at the forefront and leading the industry by being one of the data centre cooling first manufacturers to sign up to the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres as an ‘Endorser’. We apply the code throughout all of our manufacturing processes and actively promote the initiative to the industry.

The below will provide some helpful background behind the initiative:

European Code of Conduct for Data Centres – What is it?

The European Code of Conduct for Data Centres programme is a voluntary initiative managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s in-house science service. The Code addresses primarily data centre owners and operators, and secondly the supply chain and service providers around the world.

The European Code of Conduct – Objective

The objective of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres is to raise awareness of the opportunities to reduce energy consumption in data centres throughout Europe, therefore reducing emissions, limiting global warming and saving money. The code provides advice on how to improve the efficiency of the data centre infrastructure and IT equipment.

The energy saving focus of the Code of Conduct covers two main areas:

1. IT Load - this relates to the consumption of the IT equipment in the data centre.

2. Facilities Load - this relates to the mechanical and electrical systems that support the IT electrical load.

The European Code of Conduct - Participants

The Code accommodates the full range of data centre operators, manufacturers and service providers. IT professionals interested in promoting the Data Centres Code of Conduct and assisting its Participants are encouraged to register as Code of Conduct Endorsers. In return, the Endorsers get public acknowledgement for their efforts to support the Code of Conduct programme.

The European Code of Conduct – Benefits of Participation

Using a data centre operator who is a participant in the Code, or even becoming a participant of the Code yourself, demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility. This can be a key part of a positioning strategy as the Code is an independent and broadly recognized standard. Participant status within the Code is already being used as part of a wider selection criteria in procurement and as a major sustainability differentiator.

The European Code of Conduct – Documents and More Info

To become a Participant in the Code of Conduct on Data Centres programme and to find more information on the programme please visit: