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Visited Airedale at Data Centre World?

Visited Airedale at Data Centre World?

Date: 01st March 2014  |   Posted by: Airedale Team  |   Posted in: Press release

Airedale Air Conditioning, Leeds, UK, March 2, 2014

Data Centre World was an exceptional show for us and another highly successful event in our annual exhibition calendar. It was extremely enjoyable to meet with so many of you from the UK and ROW to discuss new and forthcoming projects, as well as exchanging ideas on forthcoming industry developments.

We showcased at the event a range of latest precision air conditioning (PAC), IT cooling systems, AHUs and controls logic, each of which are outlined below:

SmartCool™ SN/SR 11-90kW chilled water PAC unit (SD – 90-233kW)

  • Providing up to 30% more cooling per kW/m² than competing units
  • EER up to 52.4 a 13% inc. in EER compared with other similar leading competitor units
  • SN/SR (11-90k W) units use patent pending V-frame heat exchanger for maximum cooling output to minimum case size

Visit the SmartCool™ webpage >>

Download a SmartCool™ dedicated chilled water brochure >>

InRak™ in-row cooling system 10-63kW (demonstrated within hot aisle containment)

  • InRak™ 10-63kW in-row cooling solution (DX and Chilled Water)
  • Industry leading cooling for footprint (600mm)
  • Single or double circuit for redundancy
  • Can utilise ‘normal’ (e.g. 7/12) or ‘high’ (e.g. 13/18) water temperatures to take advantage of free cooling chiller

Visit the InRak™ webpage >>

Download an InRak™ data centre cooling brochure >>

OnRak™ 3-35kW compact rear door heat exchanger

  • 42-47U, 600mm or 800mm variants
  • n or n+1 fan configuration (n mode fans can run at 100% capacity, n+1 mode fans run at 75% capacity, if one fan fails the other fans increase their speed to maintain cooling duty)
  • EER n mode = 108; EER n+1 mode = 174

Visit the OnRak™ webpage >>

Download an OnRak™ IT cooling brochure >>

AireFlow™ indirect fresh air free cooling adiabatic air handling unit (AHU)

  • Available in 5 footprints between 100Kw and 300kW
  • Developed in two case sizes depending on roof or wall mounted connections
  • No air mixing means 100% DX back up cooling is not necessary
  • Integral fresh air inlet for pressurisation and air quality (option), removes need for a separate AHU

Download an AireFlow™ AHU brochure >>

ACIS™ Building Management System (demonstrated)

  • Cutting through complexity – manage smart cooling and other building services, across multiple sites and communication protocols, in a single integrated system
  • Integrates and sequences cooling plant for maximum resilience and energy efficiency
  • Secure remote login and intuitive interface
  • Targets reduction of operating costs via better decision making

Visit the ACIS™ webpage >>

Download an ACIS™ brochure >>

Airedale Presented – An Apples for Apples Comparison of the Data Center Cooling Landscape

In-depth analysis and comparison. The presentation looked at the complete landscape from mechanical cooling through to full fresh air free cooling, with and without adiabatic cooling

Presented by Mark Viner, Commercial Director

Access the data centre cooling landscape presentation >>

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