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Top Technical FAQs

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What is the password for the Airedale controller?
The standard password is 4648

Where can I find the unit serial plate?
The serial plate with unit information is usually found inside the unit on the back of the panel doors or the electrical pane

The language on my display is in German for example, how do I change this to English?

Press the Esc and Enter buttons together on the display to cycle through the different languages.

It says NO LINK on the unit display?
This could be an incorrect controller, display or EEV driver address setting on single or networked units. It could also be poor/loose cable connections between these components. After this it could be a possible faulty Pco controller.

It says OFF BY REM INP on my display, what is the problem?
The unit may need a remote hard wired signal from the BMS if required, to the Remote On/Off terminals in the unit or if supplied with a link in the terminals, this could be loose or missing.

How do I reset humidifier hours when I get a Warning Cylinder 1 Maintenance  alarm on the unit?
Go to the Maintenance menu on the display and enter, scroll down until it asks for the maintenance password. This is 4648. Scroll down until Reset Humidifier Hours Run is highlighted, change the No to Yes and Enter. This alarm can now be cleared.

What faults can cause a CRITICAL ALARM message on the alarm page?
This is usually Water Flood Detection, Fire/Smoke link or Condensate Pump High Level trip.

How do I drain the humidifier bottle on Smartcool?
Go to the Maintenance menu on the display and enter, scroll down until it asks for the maintenance password. This is 4648. Scroll down to Humidifier Maintenance where you can set Manual Drain to Yes to drain humidifier bottle.

What is the LAN DISCONNECTED message on the unit display?
This is shown when there is a break in the network of more than one unit connected as Run/Standby operation. A unit powered off or a break in the network cable between the units can cause this.

This is caused by low or no water flow through a unit. Check pumps are operating, check the water strainer/filter is clean and check the water flow paddle/differential pressure switch operate correctly.

How do I clear the airflow fail alarm on an older Trend IQ controlled unit?
Navigate to the Switch page in the menu, go to Switch 12. This should be Airflow fail Reset - Off. Move the cursor underneath the Off with the arrow buttons and press Up arrow. When asked for the PIN enter 4648 with the arrow buttons, then press the Up arrow to change to On. This should clear the alarm and start the fans.

What can cause the Auxiliary alarm on an Ecotel unit?
This can be the Panel Door Interlock switch when the door to the unit is open or anything external wired to the Auxiliary Alarm terminal link. For example, fire or smoke detection.

What is the user name and password to change/set-up the IP address for the Pcoweb interface card/BMS?
The user is 0113 and password 0113.

I have just replaced the Pco controller on an Easicool unit and now I have a Clock alarm?
This unit type controller requires a separate plug-in clock card, this will need taking from the old controller and plugging in to the new one when replaced.

What is the Driver Probe Error alarm?
This could be the suction pressure transducer or the electronic expansion valve driver that could have a loose connection or be faulty.

On an Ecochill unit what is alarm 104?
This is a water flow fail alarm. Please check pump, strainer and water flow

Is there a section on the controller to calibrate/offset sensor and transducer readings?
Some sensor and transducer readings can be offset usually by +/- 10 in the Maintenance menu, password is 4648.

I have a blank display on the unit, what could be the cause?

This could be the cable between the display and the Pco controller inside the unit that has a loose connection. Also check the display address is set correctly.

I have an Evaporator Differential Pressure alarm on the chiller, what is this?
This can be too little or too much water flow through the chiller evaporator. The low limit is 20kpa and high is 90kpa. Check water flow and water strainer on system.

What is the life span of this unit?

There is no specific life span for a unit, this all depends on good maintenance of the equipment and the availability of replacement spare parts.

What is the recommended refrigerant charge for the unit?

Please see the appropriate technical/installation manual for the equipment model. This contains a charging guide for the equipment. These are available on the website for the latest models.

What is the weight of this unit?
Please see the appropriate technical manual for the equipment model. These are available on the website for the latest models.

The Overheat Cut-out switch alarm will not reset on this unit?
On certain units there is an auto and manual reset overheat cut-out. The manual reset switch will require re-setting by pressing the small reset button on the cut-out switch itself, then the alarm can be reset on the unit display.

I need a Modbus register and points list for this unit?
Please contact the Airedale Controls department with the unit serial number on 01132 391000.

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What information is required if I need to contact Airedale Technical Support?
We require the unit serial, sales order or manufacturing order numbers and model

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