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AHU Controls

Airedale can provide bespoke air handling unit control panels for a variety of sizes and applications, these are designed to be able to integrate a full range of components from inverters through to heat wheels. Greater control options drives improvements in efficiency and total lifecycle costs, improving system optimisation of existing or new AHU’s.

Why Airedale? 

Airedale are experts in providing customised control solutions for our own and other manufacturers products. The range of products and services include intelligent component optimisation, ensuring you get the most out of existing components and recommending upgrades that will significantly reduce total operating costs. Through Airedale's extensive building management services a comprehensive range of energy analysis and monitoring can be added for all types of HVACR equipment, as well as improved system optimisation through sequencing and networking to maximise the opportunities afforded through better system optimisation.


  • Fan inverters for improved system operation
  • Damper control improving functionality
  • Air quality/ CO2 control for peace of mind
  • Can be implemented for DX with heat pump or chilled water /hot water system
  • Full building management system (BMS) connectivity