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Precision Air Conditioning

Air cooled | Water Cooled | Dual Cool | Free Cool | DX | CW


  • Air cooled
  • HFC R410A
  • Water Cooled
  • Chilled Water
  • Downflow
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Dual Cool
  • Free Cool
  • EC Fan

Winner of ‘Datacentre Energy Efficiency Product of the Year’ at the 2014 Datacentre Solutions Awards and ‘Commercial Building Services Product of the Year’ at the 2014 H&V News Awards, the SmartCool™ is developed to meet demand for an ultra-efficient, dedicated chilled water PAC system that delivers extremely quiet and accurate climate control for critical data centre applications.

The SmartCool™ CW delivers up to 30% more cooling kW/m² when compared with competitor units, keeping footprint to a minimum to free up premium IT space.

Applied cutting edge technology enables the SmartCool™ to quietly and precisely control room temperature, humidity and air quality to ensure efficient, reliable, 24/7 operation of sensitive systems in data centres and other critical applications.

Optimise your unit selection
The SmartCool™ gives you the flexibility to optimise unit selection to match the considerations of your specific project – whether a new or retrofit application or driven by cost, efficiency, space, noise, resilience and/or ambient conditions.

Choose from over 150 downflow models available in:

  • 8 system types
  • 17 case sizes
  • Single or dual circuit featuring: DX air cooled (16kW –140kW); DX air cooled with chilled water (16 – 127kW), DX water cooled (60kW – 127kW); DX water cooled with glycol 
    free-cooling (60 – 127kW); Chilled water (11kW – 233kW)
CW units within the range are exempt from Ecodesign, as are DX units when applied in process cooling applications (i.e. data centres). DX units within the range used in comfort cooling applications are non-Ecodesign compliant >12kW. Please refer to your Airedale account manager for full details


  • EER of up to 52.4 (SN06D010-C000-0) (CW Range)
  • 21% energy saving in free-cooling dual cool variant
  • Up to 88% saving in power input with hot gas re-heat option
  • EER 34% more efficient than previous generation CRAC units
  • Up to 30% more cooling kW/m2 compared to similar leading competitor units (CW range)


  • Up to 4 stages of tandem compressor DX cooling
  • Minimum space claim. 16kW – 60kW DX models provide up to 17% more cooling kw/m²

Operational Costs

  • Free cooling, dual cool models can save up to £8,000/year or 31,000kg of CO² compared with a standard DX system (£0.11/kWhr)
  • Exact capacity match provides 10% reduction in running costs representing £1,162p.a (compared with a comparable unit with a fixed speed compressor over a year)

Quality / Reliability

  • Dual cool redundancy options with automatic changeover
  • Constant pressure control – adapts to changes in the room in hot aisle and cold aisle configurations


  • R410A
  • Single or dual circuit featuring: DX air cooled (16kW – 140kW); DX air cooled with chilled water (16 – 127kW), DX water cooled (60kW – 127kW); DX water cooled with glycol free-cooling (60 – 127kW); Chilled water (11kW – 233kW)
  • Downflow configuration
  • Up to 4 stages of tandem scroll compressor DX cooling
  • Direct drive, speed controllable EC fans
  • SD range features EC fans in floor void to make full use of height of the unit
  • SN/SR units (11-90kW) use innovative V-frame heat exchanger arrangement


  • Automatic adjustment of air volume
  • High efficiency de-humidification
  • Electronic expansion valves for up to 30% increase in system efficiency
  • Thyristor-controlled electric heating for precise control
  • Suction throttle valve technology for variable capacity
  • Dual power supply for redundancy and flexibility
  • EC fans as standard