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Precision Air Conditioning

Air cooled | Water Cooled | Dual Cool | Free Cool | DX | CW


  • Air cooled
  • HFC R410A
  • Water Cooled
  • Chilled Water
  • Downflow
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Dual Cool
  • Free Cool
  • Inverter Compressor
  • EC Fan

Winner of ‘Datacentre Energy Efficiency Product of the Year’ at the 2014 Datacentre Solutions Awards and ‘Commercial Building Services Product of the Year’ at the 2014 H&V News Awards, the SmartCool™ is developed to meet demand for an ultra-efficient, dedicated chilled water PAC system that delivers extremely quiet and accurate climate control for critical data centre applications.

The SmartCool™ CW delivers up to 30% more cooling kW/m² when compared with competitor units, keeping footprint to a minimum to free up premium IT space.

Applied cutting edge technology enables the SmartCool™ to quietly and precisely control room temperature, humidity and air quality to ensure efficient, reliable, 24/7 operation of sensitive systems in data centres and other critical applications.

Optimise your unit selection
The SmartCool™ gives you the flexibility to optimise unit selection to match the considerations of your specific project – whether a new or retrofit application or driven by cost, efficiency, space, noise, resilience and/or ambient conditions.

Choose from over 150 downflow models available in:

  • 8 system types
  • 17 case sizes
  • Single or dual circuit featuring: DX air cooled (16kW – 137kW); DX water cooled (60kW – 137kW); Chilled water (11kW – 233kW)


  • EER of up to 52.4 (SN06D010-C000-0)
  • 46% energy saving in free-cooling dual cool variant
  • Up to 88% saving in power input with hot gas re-heat option
  • EER 34% more efficient than previous generation CRAC units


  • High level of capacity control with up to six stages of DX cooling across single and dual circuits (model dependent)
  • 30-90Hz inverter compressors provide 17-100% variable cooling exactly matching cooling load
  • Less space claim. 16kW – 60kW DX models provide up to 17% more cooling kw/m²

Operational Costs

  • Virtually all 16kW – 60 kW models included on the Energy Technology List, offering potential for 100% first year capital allowance
  • Free cooling, dual cool models can save up to £8,000/year or 31,000kg of CO² compared with a standard DX system (£0.11/kWhr)
  • Exact capacity match provides 10% reduction in running costs representing £1,162p.a (compared with a comparable unit with a fixed speed compressor over a year)

Quality / Reliability

  • Dual cool redundancy options with automatic changeover
  • Constant pressure control – adapts to changes in the room in hot aisle and cold aisle configurations


  • R410A
  • DX air (16kW – 137kW); water cooled (60kW – 137kW); chilled water (11kW – 233kW) and free-cooling models (30-90kW); single and dual circuits
  • Downflow configuration
  • Up to 6 stages of tandem scroll compressor DX cooling
  • Direct drive, speed controllable EC fans
  • SD range features EC fans in floor void to make full use of height of the unit
  • SN/SR units (11-90kW) use innovative V-frame heat exchanger arrangement


  • Automatic adjustment of air volume
  • High efficiency de-humidification
  • Electronic expansion valves for up to 30% increase in system efficiency
  • Thyristor-controlled electric heating for precise control
  • Suction throttle valve technology for variable capacity
  • Dual power supply for redundancy and flexibility
  • Optimised for EC fan