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Fan upgrades – an energy saving solution for existing buildings

Energy efficient fans

Richard Gordon, Commercial Manager at Barkell speaks to MBS magazine on why upgrading fans could be a cost effective solution for many businesses looking to reduce their energy output without compromising the performance of their HVAC equipment.

As the industry comes under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint, Richard explains that the focus on delivering more energy efficient AHUs isn’t restricted to new products and there are cost and energy savings to be had by refurbishing existing equipment. He also explains how to identify the right fan upgrade for your application; something Barkell can help with.

Dedicated team of refurbishment engineers

At Barkell we have a team of engineers dedicated to AHU refurbishment and energy upgrades, who can carry out works on AHUs from any manufacturer. As a starting point we offer a free-of-charge site survey from which we can give an organisation an idea of pay-back periods and on-going savings. It is fair to say that any business that has an AHU system over 10 years old should consider an upgrade, as chances are it will result in considerable savings.