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What does ‘Made in Britain’ mean to people today?

Over summer, we asked our work experience student Ben to research what ‘Made in Britain’ means to people across the world. Find out what he discovered:

The term ‘Made in Britain’ is not just a slogan to identify how a product has been crafted and developed in Britain, it is much more than that. This marque represents a standard of quality, prestige and unity for the British manufacturing sector within the
UK, both domestically and around the globe.

Britain has a substantial reputation in the manufacturing industry, and as a country we must live up to the standards that we are known for.

Airedale has been manufacturing high-efficiency cooling systems since 1974 and we are hugely proud of our British engineered products which naturally fit with the vision of ‘Made in Britain’ campaign. This marque empowers our customer decisions with verification which immediately identifies the country of origin’s expertise, ethics, quality standards and authenticity.

We reached out to find out what ‘Made in Britain’ means to our overseas trade partners all over the world, and though the replies were quite varied, there was one main theme present throughout: Each partner believed that the term ‘Made in Britain’ is associated with a higher quality product than those without the seal.

Most responses that we received say that “Made in Britain” in today’s global economy indicates a very well-engineered product designed to high European standards, and though the costs are occasionally (but not always) higher, they are very much in line with the high quality of the products. It is clear that the ‘Made in Britain’ mark has long been associated with high quality goods and services which are on a par with the very best manufacturers in the world. But has this opinion changed?

Many contacts said that their opinion about the term ‘Made in Britain’ has not changed despite challenges presented by Britain’s recent domestic and foreign affairs. When asked if he thought the meaning of the term had altered, Chris Farmer from New Zealand’s Eurotec Ltd stated:
“No, although there may be the risk of increased costs associated with Brexit and the impact on the British Pound.”

That is always a worry with the situation surrounding Brexit, but for now ‘Made In Britain’ evidently maintains its exceptional reputation in the manufacturing industry.

With innovation, performance and efficiency at the heart of everything we do, we are proud of our British heritage which is channelled into every cooling system we make.

“Made in Britain is a fast-growing community of like-minded manufacturers from all around the UK. By applying the Made in Britain collective mark to your product, packaging or website, your business is making it really clear to buyers and consumers that you’re making right here to the very highest standards.” -Made in Britain

– Ben Hitchcox, work experience student 2019