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Changes to BMS Interface Cards

pcowebAs of the 1st of April 2021 several changes will come in to place regarding processing of Airedale units with a factory fitted BMS interface card.

Firstly, in response to customer demand, we have created a central online area where all information relating to interface cards will be available to all our customers. This area, which will be password protected, will offer a quick, one-stop-shop for interface card resources, with the aim of making it simpler and more user friendly. We would welcome your feedback!

With the launch of this online facility, pCOWeb interface cards will no longer come with Airedale specific web pages by default. Instead setup/configuration of the BMS card to suit the comms requirements of end-users BMS on site will be carried out through the standard Carel web pages that are included by default. Airedale web pages will still be available where required however this is now a selectable option to be discussed with the account manager when specifying a unit. Where Airedale web pages are requested, these will be factory built and loaded on to the new online area for download and installation by the end user. Web page templates for each unit type will also be made freely available for any customer who wishes to use them as a starting point for building their own custom web pages.

Bacnet ms/tp interface cards will no longer be factory fitted with a .csv file. .csv files for all unit types will be made freely available on the new online area. This allows the end-user or BMS contractor the ability to set their own definitions/point selections as they see fit for the installation. Existing orders before the 1st of April will be unaffected.

The new online area is password protected and details will be made available on request. Contact Controls for more information.