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SCC Fareham Data Centre

In 2018, SCC began exploring how digital transformation could yield significant energy efficiency and sustainability gains. As a hybrid and distributed cloud expert, SCC was experiencing the booming demand for agile, highly available data centre facilities. To continue providing exceptional, future-proof services, they knew that introducing more power into their data centres was critical. SCC also saw this evolution as a perfect opportunity to harness sustainability innovations – to do right by the environment while delivering to customers.

SCC acquired a site in Fareham due to its capability for efficiency gains. Built around a higher density, additional power load, and designed with cold aisle-containment, the site architecture had the potential to drive SCC’s power, efficiency and sustainability objectives. SCC selected Airedale as its first strategic partner for this major data centre project. In part for their technical credentials and product performance, but also for their unmatched knowledge and drive around efficiency and sustainability.

Bringing Airedale on board was the final piece of the puzzle. They proposed their IQity solution with ACIS controls to harmonise our data centre cooling operations to achieve maximum efficiency.

SCC Fareham