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Airedale Quality Management System (AQMS)

Process, product, people: at Airedale, we know that quality should be an intrinsic part of every single part of the business, from first contact, through manufacturing, to shipment and service.

Watch our video to go on a journey through every aspect of our processes, from order to shipment, via our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at our headquarters in Leeds, UK.

Read on to find out more about AQMS:

The Airedale Quality Management System has been developed to become the firm foundation that puts the client at the heart of everything we do and dictates our processes from the moment we start to collaborate. Our products are engineered to perform in the toughest conditions, and the AQMS ensures that quality is placed at the heart of our culture.

Quality doesn’t begin on the factory floor, it begins the moment we start to collaborate with a client. The AQMS captures this and has built-in processes that dictate our front-end processes and ensure quality is baked in to our solutions from the outset.

At Airedale we’ve always invested heavily in research and development, and this places us at the leading-edge of our industry. We strive to use the best and latest components available, and collaborate closely with renowned global leaders such as Bitzer, Carel, Danfoss, and Ziehl-Abegg.

More than this, our dedication to research means that we are committed to constantly improving our products and processes: we believe that quality is led by design, and needs to be backed up with significant investment in R&D. R&D means new and new sometimes means “untested”. Our testing and validation programs on both standard and bespoke new products have been put in place to de-risk innovation and offer certainty that our solutions work first time, every time.

Following a continuous improvement program means that the system is never satisfied – and neither are we. There will always be things that we can do to improve our products and processes, and we are committed to taking action wherever we can.

AQMS places great emphasis on the ‘Voice of the Customer’, reminding all employees that it is a vital part of day-to-day activities. Through continuous improvement we are working to make sure that it is a priority at each touchpoint throughout a project’s timeline.

Our cross-functional teams are now dedicated to individual sectors, such as data centres and healthcare. This puts application knowledge at the centre of our strategy and enables us to understand  the needs of our customers in great depth; yes we are critical cooling specialists, but we also know that in order to provide real quality, we need to learn the businesses of our customers too.

When it comes to manufacturing, our state-of-the-art facility is a space where hundreds of people and processes all work simultaneously to produce world-leading HVAC solutions. There will always be room for improvement, and our employees on the factory floor frequently spot ways in which AQMS can be applied to improve the ways in which we operate. Wherever possible, we take suggestions onboard to form new, streamlined processes that work better for our people, and our customers.

Airedale is known for its quality products, and we know that this is a big reputation to live up to. We invest heavily in our manufacturing facility, purchasing the latest automated technology to help us achieve our quality goals.

On such investment is in pipe-bending machines, that allow us to form complex bends in copper pipework therefore reducing the number of brazed joints. Where brazing is required we go above and beyond, using externally certified CAT 2 operatives. These operatives are employed to produce top quality joins that significantly minimise the risk of leakage. We know that this is working: BREEAM have qualified us above the industry standard for leakage rates, offering incentives in certain applications that use Airedale equipment.

Both during manufacturing, and upon completion of a product, we use a robust, 100% testing system. We conduct multiple checks throughout the manufacturing process, with everything linked back to our state of the art SAP enterprise software. This gives complete traceability, accountability and consistency.

Our end of line test process is a rigorous and extensive final step. Every single unit undergoes in-depth testing under simulated operating conditions, to prove it will perform for our customers day in day out, year in year out.

On top of this, we can offer witness testing in our world class R&D labs. We regularly run tests in front of our customers, so that they can see their final product in action and witness the quality and performance for themselves.

For industries where cooling is critical, we know that as solutions providers, we need to step up to the mark to offer high quality, reliable products and services.

To put it simply, AQMS means that attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do: We think that if you get the little things right…the big things will follow. New client or old, we invite you to start your journey with us today.