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Airedale Launch HTM 03-01 Whitepaper as Advisory Document to Industry

Airedale by ModineTM, the critical cooling specialists, has today launched an HTM 03-01 whitepaper to assist consultants, estate managers and buying groups within the healthcare sector in the interpretation and application of HTM 03-01 guidelines.

In response to demand for an expert-led HVAC document, Airedale released their detailed HTM 03-01 whitepaper to offer a comprehensive overview of the guidelines. It covers areas such as indoor air quality, HTM 03-01 design requirements, efficiency and sustainability, compliance documentation and allowable derogations.

HTM 03-01 provides guidance for engineering technology, in particular the legal requirements, design, specification, installation, maintenance, and operation of ventilation systems in NHS healthcare premises. It can be complex and involved, with those in the industry sometimes needing further clarity as to how it impacts the projects they are working with.

This confusion around compliance has also led to reports of some manufacturers submitting ‘compliant’ AHU designs for healthcare facilities that in reality do not comply. Exploiting the buying group’s lack of specialist knowledge in this area, it is an unfair practice that has the potential of putting the healthcare environment, and people within it, at risk.

A core function of an HTM 03-01 compliant AHU is to reduce airborne infection risks in critical areas of the building. Its purpose is to reduce bioburden, via filtration and dilution of the air, and to maintain spaces at appropriate pressure to prevent ingress or egress of dangerous microorganisms. It also brings fresh air into the building, whilst controlling the air temperature, humidity, and odours. It is therefore important that manufacturers either work to the NHS regulations, or are transparent about derogations, to ensure that the safety and well-being of service users is not compromised.

Jonathan Jones, Director of Commercial and Industrial at Airedale said,

“This HTM 03-01 whitepaper allows those making the specification to understand in more depth the HTM 03-01 specification, interrogate the designs proposed and in a minority of instances, ask the right questions before potentially and inadvertently compromising their healthcare facility.”

To access the whitepaper, or for more information about HTM 03-01, visit the HTM 03-01 page here.


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