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Airedale by Modine Joins iMasons Climate Accord

Airedale by Modine are excited to announce its membership in the iMasons Climate Accord (iCA), a coalition dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of digital infrastructure worldwide.

The iCA brings together over 250 members, including startups, hyperscalers, colocation providers, service firms, consultants, AEC professionals, and trade associations, all committed to achieving global carbon reduction. 


About the iMasons Climate Accord 

The iMasons Climate Accord (iCA) is a global coalition aiming to reduce carbon emissions in digital infrastructure in alignment with the Paris Climate Accord. The coalition’s ultimate goal is to reach Net Zero Carbon, as defined by the Paris Agreement. 

The iCA provides its members with tools and resources to help them achieve this ambitious goal. By leveraging industry buying power, the iCA aims to influence market-based decisions and drive the digital infrastructure industry towards carbon neutrality. 

For more information about the iMasons Climate Accord and its initiatives, visit