OptiChill™ DCS

OptiChill DCS

Airedale’s original data center chiller platform is based on a screw compressor and has been optimised with a V-block evaporator condenser for high capacity cooling.

The OptiChill DCS is available as a 1.85MW unit and utilizes R134a refrigerant.


Key Features

  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Electronic expansion valves typically provide an EER increase of 30%
  • Up to 95% free-cooling
  • 12.5°C increase in operational evaporating temperature range allowing supply water temperatures to be increased, thus raising the free cooling threshold and giving enhanced compressor efficiency and reduced power input
  • Intelligent head pressure control, optimises performance
  • Modulating screw compressors increase reliability, efficiency and performance
  • Latest fan technology reduces sound and power input
  • Large surface area condensing coils
  • High efficiency shell and tube evaporator
  • Large surface area condensing coils
  • Grooved water connections for simple installation
  • Closed Glycol loop system ensures data center is cooled with 100% water
  • ATS
  • UltraCap UPS keeps control circuit live during short power shortages


  • EC Fans offer up to 80% more efficiency. Increased performance for reduced power.
  • Inverter controlled pump: effective water management leads to energy savings
  • Leak detection system for F Gas compliance
  • Corrosion-resistant condenser coils for aggressive atmospheres
  • Coil guards to help prevent fin damage
  • Condenser fan air discharge plenum – choice of two heights
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Low ambient kit for operation in ambients as low as -30°C

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