About Epson case study

Epson Telford Ltd, part of the Seiko Epson Corporation, manufactures and distributes printer supplies and media products throughout Europe from its base in Shropshire.

The 42,000 m2 plant in Shropshire is Epson’s sole European manufacturing site and employs 1,100 staff involved in plastic injection moulding and ink cartridge assembly in clean rooms where continuous system operation requires a 24/7 precise cooling capability that is both efficient and reliable.


The challenge

Air conditioning plays a major role in the Epson manufacturing facility. Computers and machinery in the clean rooms need to be kept at 22°C to remain in optimum working condition. Keeping them at this precise temperature is difficult to maintain in a room filled with people and machinery. Air quality is also a major priority making it imperative that all the components and equipment are free from dust and debris from the air.


Airedale solution

  • With the cooling load on site increasing, Epson has superseded two existing standard chillers with three Ultima™ FreeCool chillers from Airedale, that will expand system capability at the same time as cutting energy costs.


  • Airedale’s unique AireTronix controls strategy, developed on site, puts Epson ahead of the field in operating free-cooling on three separate chillers linked to the same circuit. This enables them to make maximum use of the environment, with an option for mechanical cooling to top up any of the three chillers.


  • Airedale commissioning and on-going preventative maintenance, spares & service.


“We are looking at making our kit work through a positive, responsible partnership with Airedale in which we share knowledge. We don’t simply install units and let them run neither does Airedale just service and maintain. It’s a step on from supply only. Airedale help make the equipment work for us.”

Paul Lovegrove, General Affairs Assistant Manager at Epson Telford

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