Iceland Frozen Foods

Iceland Frozen Foods

The challenge

Iceland Frozen Foods case study

Iceland is a leading high street supermarket chain with 800+ stores across the UK selling frozen and chilled food and groceries. Famous for its pedigree in frozen foods, Iceland worked with Airedale to deliver a standard, optimised, control system which could be applied across all stores to maintain store environments and produce significant energy cost savings. 

Iceland required a standardised control system that could be integrated into all of the retailer’s stores for both new cooling plant and retrofit, to offer optimised control, free-cooling and simplified spares availability. The controller had to be pre-programmable for a standard store and configurable on site, with selectable install parameters.

Airedale solution

  • 800+ stores

  • Energy savings increased by 10%

  • Savings of £6,000 per store

  • 2 year payback period

  • ACIS™ control system across all stores

  • ACIS™ building energy management system across 10 stores


“We have yet to find a store where we cannot use the ACIS™ control system.

Whenever an individual store criterion varies, Airedale accommodates this by adapting the software. We can add in multiple time functions and know instantly, by checking the easy-to-read display, exactly what the controller is doing.

As the controller is standardised and uses one type of software, the system enables information to be centralised, which allows functionality to be easily monitored and evaluated. This streamlines the management process and simplifies the procedure for service contractors.”

Graham Ireland, Project Manager, Iceland (

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