London Data Exchange

London Data Exchange

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London Data Exchange (LDeX) provides purpose-built, enterprise-grade, network-independent, colocation space and high quality data centre solutions designed to deliver total confidence.

With extensive server rack capacity, LDeX builds, manages and maintains its own data centre facilities with total resilience built in as standard. LDeX prides itself in never having experienced a moment of downtime since it started operating. In line with LDeX’s requirements, Airedale has provided an integrated, efficient, reliable and expandable cooling solution across three data halls and in the UPS room.

Airedale solution

  • 4 x SmartCool™ 100kW DX dual circuit downflow PAC units providing intelligent environmental control of the data centre space

  • 2 x EasiCool™ 20kW downflow PAC units providing cooling of the UPS

  • 4 x pairs of CR65 condensers outside the building matched with each SmartCool™

  • 2 x CR30 condenser linked with the EasiCool™

  • ACIS™ building management system

“Airedale provides us with a fully integrated cooling solution designed for maximum efficiency and critical redundancy. Continued operation of our clients’ IT infrastructure and ensuring availability of their data is paramount. We offer our clients complete redundancy on all critical infrastructures to ensure we can maintain suitable temperatures in the event of equipment failure or planned maintenance. Our environmentally responsible approach and carbon neutral status helps our clients take a huge step towards their own environmental goals and carbon reduction commitments.”

Rob Garbutt, CEO, LDeX (

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