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TRW Automotive

About TRW Automotive case study

As world leader in automotive safety, TRW is at the forefront of developments in vehicle dynamics, driver assist systems, foundation brakes, inflatable restraints, seatbelt technologies and the electronics and software advancements that will enhance the safety, convenience and comfort of tomorrow’s vehicles.


The challenge

The brand new 3,240 m2 electronics assembly plant is part of a 13,400 m2 TRW facility in Peterlee, Co. Durham, and manufactures automotive occupant safety systems such as air bag sensors, electrical component units and occupant restraints. Precision of the end-product is crucial and the intricate, detailed processes demand accurately controlled temperature and humidity. Air quality is also a major priority as all components and equipment must be free from dust and debris from the air.

The high heat load produced by the process equipment, particularly during the assembly of printed circuit boards, requires substantial cooling. Being a continuous system process operation, the cooling requirement is 24/7, calling for 100% efficiency and total reliability.


Airedale solution

Two Ultima FreeCool chillers supply 1,000 kW of cooling to twelve AlphaCool Precision Air Conditioning units located inside the electronics assembly space. The free-cooling chillers make use of reduced ambient temperatures, cutting back the need for mechanical cooling and thereby reducing energy consumption.


  • Two Ultima FreeCool 500kW Chillers
  • Twelve 90kW AlphaCool Upflow chilled water Precision Air Conditioning units for close control
  • Sophisticated AireTronix controls using BMS/Trend interface cards for remote monitoring


“The various aspects of the job were prioritized so that all environmental factors were taken into account, reflecting our commitment to energy-efficiency. The ongoing, free-cooling benefits of the Airedale chillers will enable us to recoup substantial energy savings.”

Phil Pearce, Plant Manager, TRW

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