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Modular Solutions

Standardised Modular Designs to fit your needs

Modular Data Centre Design Solutions

Our modular system architecture provides fully integrated power, cooling, racks, security and management plus services for a complete data centre design solution which can be tailored to your needs and deployed on demand.

Utilising proven and established designs you can ensure maximum efficiency, optimal performance and reduced energy costs.

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Our design process

We will design your system from start to finish working with you to tailor it to your specific infrastructure, cooling and power performance requirements.

Following a detailed survey to assess your requirements we can produce 3D model drawings, CFD analysis, along with a full performance report outlining the PUE and on-going running costs of the system.


Infrastructure Modules

Roof system modules
Our fully customisable roof systems attach to the top of the racks and form a ceiling that prevents hot and cold air from mixing providing a unique, economical and energy efficient solution.

Server Racks & Enclosure modules
Our market leading range of server racks and enclosure models are optimised to effectively support airflow management needs. Open areas in our door systems (81% open perforation) ensure that supply air can only pass through the IT load and exhaust airflow is prevented from re-circulating.


Cooling Modules

Adequate and reliable cooling is essential to the operation of your data centre. After the load, it is the biggest user of energy. For this reason, efficient air conditioning is a key element in creating an energy efficient data centre.

We have a wide range of solutions to match the power density, aisle architecture requirements and availability of space for your cooling module.

Supported by intelligent controls, our flexible, high efficiency data centre cooling solutions, work smarter not harder to give you more cooling for less power and ensure a stable environment and availability 24/7.

In-row cooling

InRak™ (10-67kW)

The InRak™ is a high performance in-row cooling solution which precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity to the servers and provides industry-leading cooling for its footprint, available in 300mm and 600mm widths.

Advanced air flow management within the InRak™ innovatively transmits cooled air horizontally across the front of the server racks. This acts as a curtain, providing even cooling over the full height of the server rack whilst managing the aisle static pressure. Single circuit models of the InRak™ are available in DX or chilled water (CW) units and dual circuit in CW.

Read more about the InRak™

Rear door cooling

OnRak™ (3-35kW)

The OnRak™ IT cooling solution is a resilient rear door heat exchanger, designed to manage high discharge temperatures directly from the server into the aisle space.

In dealing with the heat load closer to the source, the OnRak™ is highly efficient in both power usage and floor space and is ideal for targeting hot spots in medium to high density IT environments.

The OnRak™ has a slim configuration which adds only 200mm to the depth of the rack, reducing the cooling space claim whilst providing up to 35kW of cooling. The OnRak™ offers an expandable, adaptable chilled water cooling system that is extremely flexible. In any open aisle architecture it can easily be applied directly to a 42 – 48U rack or supplied with a mating frame to fit any manufacturer’s rack.

Direct-to-chip cooling

Our direct-to-chip-cooling solution is a two-phase liquid cooling system capable of absorbing heat at source by circulating an equipment safe fluid, at low pressure to a rack-level manifold that supplies module loops installed in individual servers.

Server heat is absorbed into the fluid through vaporisation and returns to the fluid distribution system. An integral heat exchanger rejects heat to a facility cooling circuit. The fluid distribution system installs; in-rack, can be located adjacent to server racks, or placed remotely up to 30 metres away, and requires only facility water and power connections.

Watch our direct-to-chip liquid cooling demo

Outdoor Units


We offer a wide range of chillers covering cooling capacities from 20kW – 2MW all of which boast minimal footprint and are extremely energy efficient.

Utilising the latest compressor technology for variable speed control, tighter setpoint management and substantial energy saving at part load; our chillers have been developed and optimised for use with a variety of cooling mediums including the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R1234ze.

Concurrent free-cooling models

Our concurrent free-cooling models enable free-cooling to be captured whenever the ambient is below the return water temperature. The system controls constantly monitor the temperature differences and will only switch on the mechanically-driven compressor when extra cooling is needed, introducing concurrent free-cooling – a mixture of free-cooling and mechanical cooling.

Free-cooling models

All of the chilled water models of our indoor cooling units deliver even greater efficiency when integrated with one or more Airedale free-cooling chillers. Free cooling saves vast amounts of energy, particularly when room temperatures are high.

For example, when an Airedale free-cooling chiller is linked with either the OnRak™ or InRak™ in a 24/7 data centre with a typical room temperature of 24 ˚C, free-cooling will be active for more than 95% of the year (London, UK).

See our wide range of chillers


Power Modules

Smart Power Management

We understand that creating and maintaining a consistent and balanced power infrastructure is fundamental to your data centre, which is why exceptional power management capability throughout your power system is essential.

Our high performance, resilient power solutions maximise the uptime of your data centre by delivering safe and reliable power to your IT equipment, ensuring it remains in operation 24/7, keeping your business running. Our scalable and bespoke power solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of your business and are expandable, enabling future growth as your data centre requirements change.

UPS Power Systems

Secure, uninterrupted, dependable

There are a wide range of UPS systems to choose from. Whether it is a standalone unit, parallel N+1 or N+N, Airedale’s experienced engineers work with a range of class-leading UPS suppliers. This ensures you receive the right sized UPS; optimised for efficiency and delivering the lowest operating costs.

By using the latest in UPS technology, Airedale supply singlephase and three-phase power protection. This guarantees full availability, fuss free operation and total piece of mind for your critical IT services.

Electrical switchgear

Switchgear systems provide resilient and effective solutions to support your critical power requirements. These systems can be used to control, protect and isolate your IT equipment to allow work or upgrades to be safely and securely undertaken, whilst maintaining service to unaffected circuits ensuring consistent and continuous uptime.#


Intelligent E-PDU’s offer excellent functionality, with an emphasis placed on environment and power metering, monitoring and management. Enabling you to manage your data center’s power distribution more effectively, the E-PDU will help you to make informed capacity planning decisions, make efficient use of power resources, increase uptime and reduce operating costs, allowing you to optimise your power infrastructure.

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 A selection of our modular data center solutions

  • InRak™

    10kW – 67kW

  • OnRak™

    3kW – 35kW

  • DeltaChill™ & DeltaChill™ FreeCool

    DeltaChill™ & DeltaChill™ FreeCool
    110kW - 1010kW

  • TurboChill™ & TurboChill™ FreeCool

    TurboChill™ & TurboChill™ FreeCool
    200kW - 1830kW