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Effective application of aisle containment techniques can help data centres meet the key objectives of best-in-class facility design:

  • Improving uptime by reducing the dependency on mechanical cooling
  • Increasing energy efficiency and lowering PUE
  • Controlling capital costs through high density solutions
  • Cutting operational costs primarily through energy savings
  • Reducing footprint and increasing cabinet density

Open Aisle Containment

Traditional open aisle data centres use perimeter PAC (precision air conditioning) or CRAC (computer room air conditioning) units to channel cold air up through a raised floor void via grilles positioned in front of the IT cabinets. This has significant disadvantages as there is no separation between the supply and return air and significant air movement within the room resulting in poor return air control.


Cold Aisle Containment

In cold aisle configurations the supply air is contained and the hot discharge air allowed to return to the CRAC unit. Because the supply and return air are kept separate, the room temperature can be slightly higher than in open aisle architecture.

datacentre cooling scenario-2

Hot Aisle Containment

With hot aisle architecture, the supply air is directed onto the front of the racks and the hot discharge air ducted back to the PAC units through the ceiling void; this provides better room temperature control and allows for higher return air temperatures, increasing free cooling opportunities.

datacentre cooling scenario-3

Hot Aisle Containment with in-row/on-row Coolers

Rear-door compact hot aisle coolers such as the OnRak™ which are fitted directly to the discharge of the cabinet similarly shorten the air path and air movement.

The application of aisle containment provides much closer management of the supply and return air paths within ASHRAE guidelines which calls for supply temperatures below 27°C. By effectively managing air flow, higher air temperatures can be returned to the cooling coil to drive heat exchange and maximise free cooling opportunities.

datacentre cooling scenario-4
Image of an Onrak rear door heat exchanger

3kW – 35kW

The OnRak™ server rack air conditioner is a resilient rear door heat exchanger, designed to manage high discharge temperatures


10kW – 67kW

High performance in row IT cooling solution which provides industry-leading cooling for its footprint from 10kW – 67kW with an EER up to 108.03

AireTile With Grill_PERSPECTIVE_02 cmyk v2

0.74 – 1.2 (m³/s)

Dynamic fan floor tile which boosts cooling efficiency via active air distribution. Eliminates hotspots; cool air directly targets heat load at source.

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