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Key features

In complete control

Our ACIS™ BMS has a simplistic and intuitive interface that allows you to manage smart cooling and other building services from any manufacturer across multiple sites through a single integrated system.

ACIS™ BMS provides 24/7 monitoring, reporting and diagnostic tools. This includes capture of live and historical energy usage allowing opportunities for energy savings to be identified and system refinement.


Total facility integration

Total facility integration

Superior Interrogation

Enhanced Decision Making

Single Point of Interaction with the Facility

System Optimisation

Faster Failure Analysis

Compare Energy Data to Plant Activities

Responsive Failure Scenarios

System Optimisation & Redundancy

System Optimisation & Redundancy

Internal / External Plant Communication  

Energy Monitoring & Analysis

System Resilience

Rescheduling of Water Temperatures

Dynamic System Optimisation

Maximising Cooling Performance

Failure Scenarios

Pre-emptive Management

Energy Monitoring & Analysis

Energy Monitoring & Analysis

Live Energy Monitoring

Energy Analysis

Historical Metering

Live and Historical PUE

Energy Tracking

Monthly Report Generation

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Multiple Site Monitoring

Real Time Alarm Notification

Remote Site Back Up

Organisational Energy Usage and Histories

Escalation of Alarms

Remote Fault Diagnosis

Global Access


Historical data logging

Historical data logging

Data logging facility for enhanced system operation

Advanced alarm logging and graphing functionality

Helps to detect power quality issues, aiding maintenance

Customers who have found a winning formula with ACIS™

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