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In the air conditioning world, the “F-word” that is on everyone’s lips, is F-gas!

22 July 2019

The first in a new series of R&D blogs from Jade Swan-McCay, Laboratory Engineer at Airedale. This month's topic: F-Gas and the work behind the scenes involved when developing products for new refrigerants.

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After Adiabatics

21 July 2019

Growing populations, intensive urbanisation and industrialisation are putting strains on global water resource like never before. In 2015 the World Economic Forum in Davos listed “water crises” for the first time as the world’s leading threat - As an industry we cannot ignore this.

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Airedale International proudly introduces new 'Azure R32 Range' of products

16 July 2019

Airedale International has today launched its new “Azure” range of R32-optimised air conditioning products. The R32 range, which has been under extensive development for nearly 2 years at Airedale’s state-of-the-art research and development facility, will initially comprise of two units...Find out more.

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BESA Safe Isolation & Refrigeration Controls SI01/RC01 (September 2019)

3rd - 5th September 2019 , Airedale Training School, Leeds, UK

Course provides an understanding of electrical principles and safe isolation of equipment, basic hea...

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BESA F Gas Category 1 Initial Assessment (September 2019)

17th - 19th September 2019 , Airedale Training School, Leeds, UK

This course is aimed at providing an understanding of how to work with and handle fluoro-carbon refr...

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BESA F Gas 5 year Re-assessment (October 2019)

1st - 1st October 2019 , Airedale Training School, Leeds, UK

One-day reassessment course providing updates on changes in regulations and practical assessments fo...

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