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Central Square AHU Install, Cardiff

Recently Barkell completed a successful install at the prestigious Central Square in Cardiff, an exciting new commercial development next to the Principality Stadium dubbed as “a new gateway to the capital of Wales”.

The project is at Building 5, a 270,000 sq ft office construction at the heart of the scheme. Barkell was successful in securing an order for three large bespoke AHUs which will ensure comfortable working conditions for hundreds of new occupants once the site opens in 2020.

Once again Barkell has demonstrated its pedigree in designing ingenious solutions to solve difficult engineering challenges on this install.  The site is at the heart of Cardiff city centre, at the top of a high rise office building and in the middle of a bustling construction site.  Space was tight and time frames were critical.

Barkell undertook a site visit prior to the design of the AHUs and determined that the they must be shipped in modular sections and constructed on site due to the height of the install, the size of the AHUs and the position of the site in the centre of a capital city.  The thermal wheels in particular were a challenge given their height, and a wafer crane was used to ensure maximum transport heights were not exceeded.

The kit was then designed in such a way that the wheels could be slotted into place in the AHUs and the lifting straps removed easily.  Everything was designed to be fitted together quickly and easily on site in order to reduce install time including the thermal wheels, a large plate heat exchanger, two fan walls and the usual filter and coil sections, dampers and box sections. In pictures: