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Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance to Airedale. We truly understand the impact and investment of choosing the right HVAC equipment for the school and commercial markets. We strive for the highest quality customer experience, focusing on engineering healthy learning environments. Versatile and dependable solutions that last and are easy to maintain and service.

We love our customers and pride ourselves on finding unique solutions for their needs. Below are informational graphics, a maintenance checklist, frequently asked questions for school boards and parents, and more beneficial resources about the importance of IAQ and how our products and services work to improve IAQ. Feel free to download, print, share, and save these resources.



Learn the basics on classroom ventilation

Child Sneezing in a classroom

Explore the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and how to improve it in your education setting.

Case Studies


Danville School District

Discover how our ClassMate® can ensure a comfortable, safe, and healthy environment for students and staff.


444 Social Apartments

Supplying heating, cooling, and fresh air to communal spaces in a luxury apartment complex with Airedale’s ClassMate® units.


Silver Birch Assisted Living Facility

Supplying heating, cooling, and fresh air to assisted living facility spaces with Airedale by Modine ClassMate® units.


Lakeshore Public School District

Ensure a comfortable, safe and healthy environment for students and staff.

IAQ Infographics

Additional Resource Why Indoor Air Quality in Classrooms Matters

Why IAQ in Classrooms Matters

Schools need to upgrade their ventilation systems or face more absences due to illnesses and lower academic performance.

Meeting Air Quality Standards PDF page

Meeting Air Quality Standards

To meet air quality standards each cubic foot of air needs to be replenished 6 times an hour. (ASHRAE)

IAQ Whitepapers


Ventilation Systems

Improve Air Quality, student achievement, and community health.


Indoor Air Quality

Affects students, teachers and Trust in our school.


Importance of Air Filters

The front lines to achieve better air quality.


Classroom Dehumidification

Because moisture is just as important as temperature.

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Installing Proven Solutions to Provide Clean Air in K-12 Classrooms

Having a comfortable classroom setting is one of the many keys to K-12 student success. One important aspect for creating that space is mechanical HVAC solutions.


Growing IAQ Problems with Wildfire Smoke

The fine particles found in smoke are more likely to deeply penetrate the respiratory system and cause adverse health effects.


2025 Refrigerant Changes

(HFCs) are factory-made chemicals primarily used in air conditioning and refrigeration. They can be up to 10,000 times more potent than carbon dioxide in contributing to climate change.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist


Checklist for Optimal Unit Performance

A qualified service or maintenance technician must perform this checklist.

FAQs – Top Questions and Answers

Airedale by Modine Top Questions and Answers for School Boards and Parents

Top Questions and Answers

Air quality and ventilation issues for school boards and parents.