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TurboChill™ Hydro

TurboChill Hydro pairs the latest in water cooling technology with the highly efficient TurboCor® compressor range, to deliver our highest capacity, highest efficiency chiller with reduced risk to our planet.

200kW to 3000kW
ESEER up to 8.98
EER up to 5.79
Low noise
Flexible footprint

Units within this range are Ecodesign compliant for both process (SEPR) and comfort cooling (SSCEE) applications. Please refer to the technical manual, website, or your Airedale account manager for full details

TurboChill Hydro is a highly efficient water cooled chiller that offers extensive cooling capacity. Ranging from 200kW to 3000kW, TurboChill Hydro offers flexibility without compromising on performance. TurboChill Hydro is available with a wide range of sizes, varying numbers of compressors, types of compressors, and layout options for increased customer flexibility. The base and unit panels are fabricated from galvanised steel to ensure a rigid, durable, weatherproof construction.

Standard unit colour is Black Grey (Ral 7021). With over 21 models available and with a range of options including the economiser, the liquid refrigerant pump, leak detection and head pressure control options.

Single circuit units are available with up to 3 compressors on a single circuit and on a dual circuit there are units with 2 to 5 compressors available shared between the circuits.

All TurboChill Hydro units can use either R134a or the lower GWP alternative R513A.


  • Turbocor compressors – Low maintenance, high efficiency
  • Helix controls – Optimised compressor loading and rotation for unit longevity, increased efficiency
  • Flexible configuration – Fit into tight spaces with vertical options, all units fit into standard width containers for easy shipping
  • Electronic expansion valves – Maximum efficiency through the operating envelope of the unit


  • Optimised head pressure valve
  • Parallel economiser circuit for increased capacity and efficiency
  • Optimised leak detection
  • Liquid refrigerant pump – Supports fast restart, low pressure ratio operation, improves part load efficiencies
  • Variable flow rate – Safely allow primary pump savings to be achieved
  • High pressure condensers available
Chiller Capacity Max EER Max ESEER Refrigerant Compressor Type Circuits
TurboChill Hydro range 200 – 3000kW 5.79 8.98 R134a or R513A Turbocor compressors Single/Dual

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