EMIS data centre

EMIS data centre

The challenge EMIS Case Study

Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd (EMIS), based in Leeds, is estimated to hold the data for around 39 million patient records. It is the UK’s leading supplier of healthcare software and related services to GP practices. EMIS required a new 24/7 data centre as expansion to the existing facility in order to increase its secure and resilient capacity as it extends its range of services to GPs. The data centre incorporates a highly efficient, reliable cooling and monitoring solution designed by Airedale.

Airedale solution

  • 4 x InRak™ chilled water 33kW in-row coolers with an EER of 18.47 (EC fan, N + 1)

  • 2 x DeltaChill™ FreeCool 180kW Extra Quiet compact chillers with N + 1 resilience

  • ACIS™ building energy management system

  • 24/7 service support

“The InRak™ makes the aisle containment far more efficient. The InRak™ units are very clever; they communicate with each other to maintain pressure and temperature consistent in the room. Their EC fans are linked to the ACIS™ and ramp up and down according to demand. ACIS™ gives us 24/7 control of the operation and peace of mind. When fully populated, Airedale’s cooling solution should guarantee an annualised PUE of 1.3 for the room.”

Mike Marchant, Data Centre Manager, EMIS (www.emishealth.com)

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